Believe the hype.


Clubhouse is an audio drop in app that is based on voices and conversations. It's that dynamic that sets it miles apart form the photo based Instagram, video loving Youtube and short form of Twitter.

And that distinction is leading the charge on the Clubhouse genius.

Another thing going for the mysterious app, exclusivity. Clubhouse is only about seven months old, still in beta and only available on iphone. Oh, did I mention that it's invitation only? That allure alone probably makes you want the chat app ten times more.

The best thing about Clubhouse is the relaxed nature of the users and the FREE GAME. Executives, CEO's and VIPs just hop in random rooms and drop gems over and over and over. Connect with Oprah, Meek Mill, Tiffany Haddish, Ashton Kutcher or Drake live right in the app. You can join in on the conversation too and drop a tip or ask a question, people really are pumped to connect. 

Debates, comedy shows, lectures, live podcasts, house parties, performances, book clubs, and jamming sessions all happen 24/7 on Clubhouse. Just pick a room and listen in. Or start your own room at just the click of a button. You never know who will pop in. 

Alternatively, you can start your own conversations with friends or strangers, just like you would at a house party. Remember them?